Monday, June 2, 2008

Watch Sex and The city Full length Movie free online

Sex and the city is a movie based on the famous television serial by the same name that evoked fantastic response among the TV fans. The movie is being accused by some critics for being gender biased and as such the review does not take into consideration these aspects.

It is expected that this one though may not cross the collection of Indiana Jones , may well be number 2 during the week. It is a hilarious comedy and Sex and the city when it comes to your city may be delayed and you can see it online free here. it's difficult to write about it in the face of charges of "gender bias" directed at some critics.

"Sex and the city which had reportedly cost around $60 million to make, will rake in about half its nut over the weekend, virtually all of it from an adult female and gay male audience. Today's (Friday) Los Angeles Times observed that groups of women who have already purchased tickets for the premiere night tonight are likely to generate a huge opening box office, followed by more moderate business on Saturday and Sunday. "
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